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Crafting content to bring arcane concepts to life – to shape messages into vibrant narrative – is what I’m all about.

I’m not just a marketing communications professional but a writer at heart. My conviction is that the right words resonate and influence, reflecting the core of your offering, organization and brand to your audience.

I’ve written speeches for CEOs of billion-dollar firms who discarded other writers’ scripts. I’ve developed speeches for executives who needed help getting their message on-point. I create thought leadership that influences, marketing copy that sells, social media that cuts through, and employee communications that engage. I can help marketers refine their value proposition, brand position, and hone their voice.

I’m an award-winning marketing and communications writer, editor, and project manager with 15+ years’ experience serving the likes of Ernst & Young, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Towers Watson, New York Life and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Let’s talk about you, and how I can help.

What is net zero?

If you follow sustainability and climate topics, you’ve probably heard the term net zero thrown around. Still puzzled? A net-zero gain of GHG in the atmosphere is achieved when the level of GHG emissions released into the atmosphere is equal to the amount removed. This is also referred to as carbon neutrality. CO is a gas found in the Earth’s atmosphere—and it’s part of the planet’s air, along with nitrogen, oxygen, methane, and other gases. CO helps to trap heat, but too much of it can cause

How to Enable Business-Led IT through SaaS Management | White Paper

Business-led IT, driven by the appeal of SaaS, is the future of technology purchasing. But it can’t happen without robust, automated SaaS management. SaaS helps the business meet tough challenges. But it also can lead to excess costs, security risks, and compliance failures. Only a business-led IT approach – supported by a SaaS management platform that provides comprehensive visibility into your SaaS ecosystem – will allow your company to realize the value of SaaS and optimize your technology la

Taking an Agile Approach to Transforming Business Processes

Navigating the complexity of modern business to improve prospect engagement and ongoing customer experience requires companies to take a strategic approach to streamlining and improving their revenuecentric processes. To achieve this mission, essential business documents related to revenue generation, such as quotes, contracts, and invoices—and associated processes, including how these documents are delivered and consumed—must be transformed to create greater agility and spur growth. Bringing together the chief elements of such a digital transformation strategy— technology, people, and processes—requires a nimble approach for the effort to be successful.


“PR Takeaways from Amazon’s HQ2 Debacle”: “Companies have personalities too. In the case of its HQ2 withdrawal, Amazon’s personality was seen as arrogant and petulant. In a nutshell, PR consists of compelling information communicated by the right people to the right people. Namely, the message of how HQ2 would benefit working class, small business owners and consumers — not just technology and knowledge workers — needed to reach these audiences via news sites, op-eds, radio and more vehicles. Amazon, a master of logistics, has a large warehouse facility in Staten Island. “Enlisting these workers to speak on its behalf would’ve provided a major counterpoint to the company’s critics.”

PR Takeaways: Amazon HQ2 Debacle

The “I love New York” campaign has been used to promote New York City for more than forty years. These days, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would most likely use different words to describe his feelings for the city. Amazon’s success has been fueled by customers who love using the site to shop for a host of reasons. Even though a vocal bunch of holdouts relish disparaging it, New Yorkers are as ardent Amazon.com fans as anyone else. But Amazon wasn’t feeling the love. After a few meetings with unions,

Thought Leadership: Branding

In Ernst & Young, an organization with more than 100,000 people around the globe, The Branding Zone is the digital resource that maintains the consistency, power, and integrity of Ernst & Young communications. Peter Burger and David Reyes-Guerra outline the structure of this valuable technology and explain how it contributes to acculturating new employees, strengthening relationships with clients and vendors, and supporting the corporate vision and strategy.
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